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Youth Leadership Development Program

DIW's Youth Leadership Development Program (YLPD) encourages well-rounded success by providing youth with a wide variety of learning opportunities and academic support, including after-school tutoring, cultural enrichment, and recreational, environmental and artistic activities. 

  • S.M.A.R.T. Nations provides culturally-relevant science, math, art, recreation and technology activities and tutoring for 5th-8th grade students at Anishinabe Academy. 
  • Agindaasodaa! aims to bring reading levels to grade-level competency using a proven curriculum and other methods by working with students and teachers in the K-3rd grade classrooms at Anishinabe Academy.
  • be@school works directly with Anishinabe Academy to track, monitor and improve school attendance for American Indian youth in grades K-8. 
  • Alcohol & Tobacco Prevention Program (ATODP) teaches culture and life skills as preventative measures against alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse by providing education and cultural activities.
  • Academic & Activity Program offers homework help and tutoring, cultural instruction, recreational activities and field trips, and prevention of at-risk behavior for American Indian youth in grades 1-12.
  • Summer Program combines recreational activity, educational experiences, and cultural awareness in a summer vacation program format. 

Division of Indian Work Strengthening Family Circles

Strengthening Family Circles

DIW's Strengthening Family Circles provides case management and home visits, support group meetings, anger management groups, supportive housing and family violence prevention services to teen and adult American Indian mothers, fathers and expectant parents.

  • In Home Parenting provides services to families addressing three phases of child protection: those who are at-risk of having a child protection complaint filed against them, those whose children are in temporary child protection custody, and those whose cases have advanced to child protection hearings. 
  • Parent Support Outreach Program (PSOP) serves American Indian families in need of economic, housing, therapy and child protection assistance, while Family Assessment serves families who are in need in-home assistance. Family & Parenting Development serves families who have active Child Protection cases and deal with ongoing issues of truancy, abuse, chemical dependency issues and violence. 
  • Family Violence Prevention Program (FVPP) works with individuals to end family violence through culturally-sensitive group and individual counseling in anger management and other areas by offering groups and resources for American Indians experiencing domestic violence—both perpetrator and victim alike.
  • Men’s Anger Management educates Native American men about their relation to domestic violence and abuse, using a cultural lens perspective to learn about the complex dynamic of domestic violence starting with historical significance through current societal influence and oppressive existence. 
  • Women’s Violence and Anger Management group educates Native American women about their relation to domestic violence and abuse, using a cultural lens perspective to learn about the complex dynamic of domestic violence starting with historical significance through current societal influence and oppressive existence. 
  • Anpa Wasté offers housing and a variety of support services to young American Indian mothers and their children, including, counseling and mentoring. 

Division of Indian Work Healing Spirit

Healing Spirit

DIW's Healing Spirit program provides education and assistance to youth in long-term foster care and those transitioning to independent living, focusing on American Indian male foster teens that had a history of significant disruptions in their placement and had a minimum of four intakes to the emergency shelter system.

  • Healing Spirit House provides supportive, safe, positive, drug-free, alcohol-free environment and in-house services for long-term foster care American Indian males aged 16-21.
  • Healthy Transitions and Homelessness Prevention works with Healing Spirit boys and other young foster care boys and girls, both in and out of foster care, ages 16 to 21 to prepare them for successful independent living when they age out of the foster care system at 18. 

Division of Indian Work Health Services

Health Services

DIW's Health Services operates a culturally specific food shelf, counsels pregnant women about raising healthy babies and educates them on child development. We also advocate for American Indian elders throughout the seven-county Twin Cities metro area to insure that they are not neglected and that care is provided for their health and well-being.

  • Women of Traditional Birthing helps expectant mothers adopt healthy lifestyles that foster healthy babies by providing support for pregnant American Indian women through mentoring, education and community outreach. 
  • Horizons Unlimited Food Shelf has been providing the Twin Cities American Indian community a food source to supplement their food budgets since 1952. The food shelf also partners with the Minneapolis American Indian Center to deliver food to elders who have mobility and/or transportation difficulties.

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