Frequently Asked Questions - 
DIW On Our Own

Why did DIW separate from the Greater Minneapolis Council of Churches?

This is something that has been considered as a possibility since the beginning of the partnership 65 years ago. Many of the mechanisms for operating separately have already been implemented over the years. For example, DIW has its own Board of Directors and Strategic Plan. GMCC is currently reorganizing and the timing is right for DIW to become solely American Indian-led.

Is DIW moving?

No. We will stay at the building that was built for us over 20 years ago at 1001 East Lake Street.

Will DIW change the services it provides?

No. Our mission remains the same.

Will DIW continue to serve the American Indian community?

Yes. All four program areas remain the same.

Will you change your name?

No, we are proud of our name and our reputation in the community.

Are you financially healthy?

Yes. Three different financial analyses were conducted, two by outside entities, who determined that both organizations can operate independently.

Who will be your fiscal agent until you get your own 501(c)(3)?

We received our 501(c)3 in early 2017.

Is DIW leadership changing?

No, and no DIW staff are impacted by the change.

What is GMCC going to do?

They will move across the street to the Russ Ewald Center for Urban Service and continue to operate their family of programs from that location.

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