Woju Wakan with Bob Klandarude

Images from yesterday’s garden gathering at the Division of Indian Works' Woju Wakan urban garden with DIW's SMART Nations youth program and teacher Bob Klandarude. 

Many things have been placed on the earth for our use. One of the major tools given to us are the plant medicines. Certain plants give up their lives so that we can use their smoke for prayers and cleansing, and the aroma produced by these plants help us place ourselves in a different state of mind thus bringing us into a deeper part of ourselves. Then, as we concentrate on what is happening, the scent may inspire memories, awaken the soul and give a sense of direction. (source)

There are Four major medicine plants;  tobacco, sweet grass, sage and cedar that we natives use frequently in ceremonies. In Native American ceremonies, certain herbs are traditionally used to purify or bless people and places. A smudge stick is a bundle of dried herbs, usually bound with string into a small bundle. The herbs are later burned as part of a ritual or ceremony. Plants that are often used include sage and cedar. (source)

The format of the smudging in today's rituals varies from culture to culture and so does the plants and herbs used for such sacred ceremony. In the Dancing To Eagle Spirit Society's rituals we utilize mostly sage (all kinds), cedar, juniper, sweet grass, lavender, wild tobacco, Native American Tobacco. (source)

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All photos by Division of Indian Work.