Tell it to the Judge


On May 30th DIW hosted it’s 3rd “Tell it to the Judge,” an event dedicated to bringing together the community and local judges in an informal conversation on how the current judicial system affects the local, urban Native community focusing on concerns they have with certain proceedings, actions, and other aspects of the local judicial branch.

This night brought together many community members along with a large number of judges and judicial officers and focused on the topic of domestic violence and related issues, with community members sharing ideas of how to improve the quality of service and response to domestic violence in the court.

One of the things we did at this event was report back and share the changes that occurred in the courthouses because of the conversations from previous “Tell it to the Judge” events. We were happy to share that the courtrooms now include signage in Dakota and Ojibwe, and we also hope to get tribal flags in the courtrooms soon. Thank you to all who joined us for this event and we hope more changes can continue to happen!