Ending the year on a high note


Dear Supporters: 

What does it mean to be successful? Is it having a huge bank account? Owning a large house? Driving a new car? Maybe. Those certainly are not successes to be discounted! But like many of you, at the Division of Indian Work we count our successes a little differently. 

There is the child who reads better and understands math a little bit more by the time she says goodnight to her tutor. There is the teen mom who can focus on raising her baby because she has stable housing. Or the young foster boy who stops running away because he now has a home he feels safe in. And let’s not forget the elder who cooks up a hot, nutritious meal made from the bag of groceries from our food shelf.

This is the kind of success we can wrap our heads and hearts around. This is the kind of success that takes care to bring the needs of those less fortunate to the forefront. And this is the kind of success DIW hopes to continue to achieve for its program participants.

As we bring 2016 to a close, we are keenly aware of dedicated friends like you who have helped us achieve so much for our community. And as we treasure the successes your support made possible for our clients over the year, we once again turn to you to ask for a year-end gift that will help us close on a high note–raising the hopes and seeing to the needs of our less fortunate neighbors.

Please take a moment to send your tax-deductible gift today. We have enclosed an envelope for your convenience. If you wish to make your donation online, go to today.

I thank you in advance for your kind generosity and wish you and yours the absolute best of the Holiday Season and New Year.

With warmest regards,

Louise Matson
Executive Director