DIW Leadership

Louise Matson, Executive Director
Email: lmatson@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6370

Shanah Regguinti, Director of Programs
Email: sregguinti@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6353

Ardie Medina, Development Officer
Email: amedina@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6325

DIW Board of Directors

DIW Staff

Al Hardy, Building Maintenance
Email: ahardy@gmcc.org
Phone: 612-279-6329

Amanda Williams, Cultural Coordinator, ATOPD
Email: awilliams@diw-mn.org

April Thompson, Home Visitor, SFC
Email: athompson@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6362    

Benjamin Blue, Youth Worker, Healing Spirit
Email: bblue@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6347

Cassie Buffalohead, Home Visitor, SFC
Email: cbuffalohead@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6376

Celine Jubera, Math Tutor, S.M.A.R.T. Nations
Email: cjubera@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-668-0880 (school)

Clarissa Seidl, Program Coordinator, S.M.A.R.T. Nations
Email: cseidl@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-668-0880 (school)

Enrica Rivera, Volunteer Coordinator, YLDP
Email: erivera@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6323

Gina Brown, Reading Coach, Agindaasodaa! Let’s Read! 
Email: gbrown@diw-mn.org
Phone: 668-0880(School)

Helen Trickey, Counselor & Educator, SFC
Email: htrickey@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6352

Hinhan  Loud Hawk, Math Tutor, S.M.A.R.T. Nations
Email: hloudhawk@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-668-0880 (school)

Jessica Engelking, Reading Coach, Agindaasodaa! Let’s Read! 
Email: jengelking@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-668-0880 (school)

Joe Regguinti, Counselor & Educator, SFC
Email: jregguinti@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6374

Linda Sanders, Building Receptionist, DIW
Email: lsanders@diw-mn.org

Madelynn Ducheneaux, Youth Worker, YLDP
Email: mducheneaux@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6371

Maren Hardy, Health Services, Horizons Unlimited
Email: mhardy@diw-mn.org
Phone: 279-6343

Marie Rainey, Youth Worker, Healing Spirit
Email: mrainey@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6305

Marisa Carr, Program Coordinator, Agindaasodaa! Let’s Read! 
Email: mcarr@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-668-0880 (school)

Melissa Grimmer, Counselor, SFC
Program Coordinator, WTB
Email: mgrimmer@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6314

Michael Loud, Case Manager, Healing Spirit
Email: mloud@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6333

Mika Barrett, Attendance Liaison, Be@school
Email: mbarrett@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-236-3910 

Misha La Point, Math Tutor, S.M.A.R.T. Nations
Email: mloeffler@diw-mn.org
Phone: 651-398-9190

Nicole Downey, Reading Coach, Agindaasodaa! Let’s Read! 
Email: ndowney@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-668-0880 (School)

Patty Thunder Hawk, Program Coordinator
Email: pthunderhawk@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6360

Paul Wenell, Math Tutor, S.M.A.R.T. Nations
Email: pwenell@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-668-0880 (School)

Sharee Fischer, Counselor & Educator, SFC
Email: sfischer@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6319

Shelly Belgarde, Youth Worker, ATODP
Email: sbelgarde@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-279-6371

Susan Quist, Math Tutor, S.M.A.R.T. Nations
Email: squist@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-612-668-0880 (school)

Vonnie Loud, Women’s DV Advocate (at Government Center), SFC
Email: vloud@diw-mn.org
Phone: 612-596-0704 (c)

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